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What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that allows individuals to make choices with regard to the legal rights regarding their property and possessions following their death. Wills allow a person’s assets to be divided among their surviving loved ones, or to anyone or any financial entity, as per the wishes of the deceased, and not as state law would dictate. A Will ensures that your money and property will end up with the person you choose instead of with the government.

Do I need an attorney to write my Will?

While there is no requirement that an attorney draft your Will, Wills that are not properly written can be challenged in Court and often do not standup to a legal examination. That means that your Will may be challenged and your property and assets may end up with persons or entities against your wishes. The laws regarding Wills vary by state, which is why it is a good idea to seek the advice of a estate or probate attorney, such as those at Stamm Romero & Associates, PC, LLO, for help in setting up your Will.

Do I need a Will?

Those with very little property or material wealth need not worry about getting a Will unless they are extremely concerned with who will get their limited possessions at the time of their death. Nebraska law dictates that your property and material possessions will be distributed to your next of kin upon your death. Therefore, unless you have young children that will need a Guardian, or property and assets that you desire to go to someone specific, you may not need a Will. The attorneys at Stamm Romero & Associates, PC, LLO can guide you through the process of determining whether or not a Will is in your best interest.

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